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What is EPUB Japanese Standard Study Group

  • About EPUBJP
EPUBJP was created in October 2011.  Its creation was inspired by the public release of the EPUB3 specifications by IDPF (International Digital Publishing Forum). 
EPUBJP is open to the public; any organization or individual can particpate freely.  EPUBJP will share technical standards, examination processes, and results with the public.
The objective of EPUBJP is to foster the collaboration of digital publishers and facilitate digital publishing activities in Japan.  
EPUBJP attempts to ensure that individual vendors have technical means to develop applications that can display Japanese text properly under the EPUB3 specifications and its future versions. It also attempts to ensure the display of Japanese fonts and manga in generic EPUB Reading Systems.
Although the implimentation of the EPUB3 specifications into the Japanese language is an on going subject of active discussion, the current situation surrounding Japanese language standarization is extremely confusing. For instance, some questions ask, What is the appropriate method to prepare a file? Which Reading System is considered standard?  How does one roll-out the EPUB format in an ebook store?  EPUBJP will attempt to clarlify such confusions by clearly explaining the proper way to deal with these common issues, and will also provide the place to find answers.
EPUBJP is a new organization and has just started.  Let’s begin creating a good Japanese EPUB ecosystem.
We will be looking forward to everyone’s participation.

  • About Partner
EPUBJP is in collaboration with Association of Media in Digital, and we work together in various events, seminars, and study groups.